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Carmen Electra, Jaime Longoria suing Denver strip clubs

Actress Carmen Electra and Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jaime Longoria have filed separate lawsuits against two different Denver area strip clubs in federal court claiming the skin businesses falsely used their photographs to promote their clubs.

Using their images to draw customers sullies the reputations of Electra and Longoria and makes it more difficult to market themselves as they wish, according to the lawsuits filed Friday by Englewood attorney Steven Greenlee.

Electra and Longoria are each seeking unspecified triple damages against the strip clubs in U.S. District Court in Denver.

“In the modeling industry, reputation is critical; endorsing, promoting, advertising or marketing the ‘wrong’ product, brand, business, or service, or working in a disreputable industry, can severely impact a model’s career by limiting or foreclosing future modeling or brand endorsement opportunities,” Electra’s lawsuit says.

Electra, a professional model, actress, recording artist, television personality and businesswoman, is suing The Players Club, 6710 Federal Blvd.

The Players Club allegedly altered photographs of her to connect her to the club, creating the false impression that she worked for them or endorsed their club. In 2015, the club used Electra’s photographs on its website and on various social media sites, the lawsuit says.

“Carmen Electra is not employed by Players Club, she does not strip or dance at Players Club, she does not affiliate herself in any way with Players Club or endorse its promotional activities and event, and she never has,” her lawsuit says.


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